• Reporter- Fire Island Chronicle
  • Writer- Ilovebabylon.com

Social Media Marketing

  • Developed and managed online marketing campaigns for a start-up animal rights non-profit, effectively driving awareness, engagement and traffic to social media pages
  • Achieved a strong, visible social media presence and develop concepts with viral potential. Continuously monitor online public relations and ensure the success of client programs
  • Assessed social media marketing strategies to determine rate of return. Identify and tap into new channels to optimize ROI and fuel donations and awareness for the cause


  • Created letters of invitation to various leaders in business/style/culture inviting them to participate in speaker series at the French Institute Alliance Francaise.
  • Designed and wrote promotional materials detailing the goals of FIAF and the cultural speaker series focusing on French and American interests
  • Completed a Travel Handbook for a large beverage company detailing immigration/business visa and vaccination information specific to nationality of passport holder


  • Created eye-catching PowerPoint slides for client presentations and conferences.
  • Designed and created copy for brochures that detailed the power efficiency and emission reduction accomplishments of the South East New York Division of New York Power Authority

Market Research

  • Found the prime demographic for a start-up business website. Researched who and what this demographic was following on social media and compiled information to be used for a social media campaign
  • Compiled in-depth research on the Acquavella family who are well-known in the art world as part of a possible profile at FIAF
  • Compiled in depth research on art gallerist David Zwirner and how technology is re-shaping the art industry for a potential lecture at FIAF


  •  Researched and arranged trip to Dominican Republic complete with airfare, hotel and rental cars. Package included guide to area that included emergency numbers, maps, points of interest and eco-tours etc
  • Planned hundreds of general business travel arrangements involving complex international legs for an investment bank and a global beverage company.
  • Handled visa paperwork and application submission for the following countries:

Russia, China, Bolivia, Australia, Peru, Canada and Vietnam

Administrative work


  • Organized the move of a large office, including the re-negotiation of prices for dozens of pieces of furniture, making thousands of more dollars for client than was initially offered
  • Expense and invoice processing (knowledgeable in Concur)
  • Compiled an Excel spreadsheet that compiled the contact information of the premiere writers, editors, bloggers and PR professionals in the high-end wine and Champagne industry
  • Email and contact organization in both Mac and Microsoft operating systems
  • Newsletter creation
  • Excel spreadsheet manipulation complete with graphs, text, tables etc.

VRBO/Airbnb Listings:

  •     Created site listing complete with pictures
  •   Handled contact information with potential guest
  •  Created legal rental agreement, payment agreement, property rules and insurance negotiations that legally protected the landlord and their property from all damages and accidents.
  • Designed and printed a Welcome Guide for VRBO property customized to the guest’s interests in food, shows, museums and culture.